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Whitepaper: Sit-to-Stand to Move

Whitepaper: Sit-to-Stand to Move

Ergonomics and the dilemma of modern office life

Recent studies suggest that even modest decreases in sedentary time can help reduce risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and premature mortality. It’s no wonder there’s been a push toward furnishing the office with standing desks, but is that really the answer?

Knape & Vogt Senior Product Manager Peter Barber addresses the ergonomic office in the whitepaper, "Sit-to-Stand to Move: Ergonomics and the Dilemma of Modern Office Life." In it, you can read about the importance of ergonomic components and accessories and why workers are at risk for injury where none are present. Peter also offers ergonomic solutions for every scenario.

 Download the whitepaper here, free for a limited time.