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The Knape & Vogt Leadership Team represents a collaborative group of problem-solvers with deep industry experience within their specialties. All of our corporate officers are aligned around a common commitment to delivering exceptional products and service and maximizing the value of our company—to our customers, their customers, and our partners and investors.

Gordon Kirsch
Vice President, Operations
Gordon Kirsch has led operations at Knape & Vogt since 2006, with responsibilities for managing plant processes, integrating acquisitions and continually improving operations. One of his top contributions to date has been the successful integration of the operations components of six acquisitions, helping to transform Knape & Vogt into a global company.
Rick McQuigg
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rick has been with Knape & Vogt since March 2008. He is responsible for leading Knape & Vogt’s finance, information technology, legal and customer service teams. He brings over 30 years of experience in financial operations and management in the manufacturing sector.
Peter Ross
Vice President, Marketing and Product Development
With 35 years of experience, Peter joined Knape & Vogt in September 2006. He is responsible for managing Knape & Vogt's product portfolio, leads the development of strategic plans, and oversees the engineering of new products to expand business opportunities.
Dan Pickett
Vice President, Distribution Sales
With 30 years of experience, Dan joined Knape & Vogt in June 2002. He is responsible for leading Knape & Vogt’s global sales channels, servicing industrial distributors and large industrial accounts.
Gary Ottenjan
Vice President, OEM Sales
With 35 years of experience, Gary joined Knape & Vogt in November 2002. He is responsible for leading the company’s OEM sales by building and sustaining strong relationships with leading office furniture, automotive, kitchen and bath, appliance, IT, equipment rack, and tool storage manufacturers.
Jon P. Elordi
Vice President, Retail Sales
Jon joined Knape & Vogt in July 2016. He is responsible for leading sales efforts in Knape & Vogt’s retail sales channels and brings more than 25 years’ experience successfully driving global market growth and new business development.
Andy Marzolf
Vice President, Human Resources
With 30 years of experience, Andy joined Knape & Vogt in June 2005. He leads the company’s efforts in organizational development, talent acquisition and retention, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and labor related compliance.