Appliance Lift & Accessories

Appliance Lift & Accessories

The appliance lift allows kitchen appliances to raise effortlessly with a gas cylinder assist and lock securely into place. They can be outfitted with a custom block platform or a quality KV pre-made maple wood platform. The lift can be positioned at two different levels: flush with the ocunter or 2" below the counter.


Specialty Pull-Outs
Cabinet Type

Available options

Item (Click for detail & option to buy) Component/Type Cabinet Opening Height Assembled Product Width Finish Carton Quantity Carton Qty. Unit of Measure Order Quantity Price per Order Quantity
HAL-20 Hardware Mechanism (left and right arm) Platform Surface 2-1/2" or Platform Depth Platinum 1 EACH Each $243.80
HAL-BSKT Accessory Basket 9-7/8" Black/Birch 1 EACH Each $63.88
WAL13.5-1 13-1/2" Maple Block Platform 13-1/2" Maple 1 EACH Each $70.15
WAL16.5-1 16-1/2" Maple Block Platform 16-1/2" Maple 1 EACH Each $82.10